Frequently Asked Questions

    • FreeSpinsWorld: What is our Mission? is a website related to online gambling industry, and it is hosted by a team of industry professionals. Our primary mission is to help players find the best possible online casino where to play at – but how can we achieve that? First and foremost, we write independent and unbiased reviews for different gambling platforms – providing a honest opinion and ratings based on our knowledge and experience. To this very moment, our team has already written a review for tens of popular casinos, pointing out all the pros and cons – making it possible for anyone to find detailed information about the casinos that operate online.

      Beside that, we also hunt for the best bonuses – on our site you’ll find plenty of promotional offers that are provided by highly reputable and trusted casino brands. Our collection include all kind of bonuses, ranging from welcome offers to no deposit bonuses that are activated upon registration. With every day we add more bonuses to the list, so it is definitely worth to keep an eye on our site – from time to time we also publish exclusive promotions and bonuses that are valid only for our website visitors!

    • So, you work independently?

      As we mentioned earlier, we write only independent and unbiased reviews – so yes, we are not in partnership with any casino brand featured on the site. However, we have to admit that most of the links (e.g “Play Now” button) are referral (affiliate) links.

    • Affiliate link? What is that?

      You ever heard of refer-a-friend programs? Affiliate links works by pretty much the same method. Such links allow use to refer players to online casinos – so for example if you have read our review, and found it useful, you can click on “Play Now” button and then sign up in the casino. Afterwards, if you have made a deposit, we will receive a small percentage of the deposit sum (commission). This makes it possible for us to host the site, and pretty much keep up the good work.

    • Do you keep information updated?

      We do our best to keep all the information available on our site updated. However, we have many casino brands published, so it can happen that some details provided in a review might be outdated and not actual anymore. In such cases, we recommend to check the casino site, and if there will be any difference between information provided by us and by the casino itself, to trust the casino operator.

    • I want to submit a complaint about the casino! Is it possible?

      Even though we are not associated with any online casino, we are trying our best to help players if we can. If you had a negative experience with an online casino published on our site, we recommend you to send a complain to [email protected] and one of the our team members will get back to you as soon as possible (typically within 24-48 hours).