Guide for Responsible Gambling

We know for a fact that responsible gambling is one of the most important things to keep in mind when playing casino games. Gambling on slots or any other game might bring lot of positive emotions and overall increase the level of happiness, especially when you win. But you should always remember that losses are also part of the game – and it is important to handle the losses the right way. Unfortunately, for some players it might be a daunting task – they keep on gambling even after a loss, losing even more money. Such behavior is an addiction, and our team is strictly against being addicted to casino games – because like in case with any other addiction, such behavior can make a huge impact on your real life and people around you.

We honestly think that there are several signs that could potentially help you to identify a problematic behavior at early stages. We do not mean that there is an ultimate list of signs – each and every case can be different. But in general, addicted players usually share the same behavior pattern when it comes to casino games and overall, online gambling. You should act quickly if you notice at least one or more of the following signs;

  • It is hard for you to stop gambling, even after a huge loss or after you have lost all of the money;
  • You play on money that you can’t really afford to lose – you try to win back all of the losses;
  • You ever had thought of borrowing money from friends/family to keep on playing;
  • Casino games have a huge impact on your mood, you feel sad or tired after a loss;
  • You completely forget about other responsibilities, such as work or studying;
  • You hear people around you talking about you being addicted to casino games/online gambling in general.

Ask for Help

These signs that we just mentioned can be slightly different, though. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a similar signs of unhealthy behavior – either way, you should act responsibly. Every online casino offer multiple self exclusions tools – you can either restrict access to your account, set limits for deposits, set maximum play time and such. These tools can help you out if you have no problems with setting them up by yourself. But we know that sometimes and for some people, it might be hard to battle against addiction alone. In such cases, we recommend to get a professional assistance from experts – there are multiple websites and legal organizations that could assist you with that. A few most popular are and

Such organizations can help you out by providing helpful content, a real person talk and discussion about the problems you have. They also provide a therapy sessions and hot-line phone number to receive a quick assistance in case you need. We recommend to get familiar with information available on the sites we mentioned above – this can heavily help you out to determine how to act in case you notice an addiction. And be aware that there are many more organizations similar to one we mentioned earlier – you can use search engines to find them.