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Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling at FreeSpinsWorld


FreeSpinsWorld is all about club for gamblers, who wants to find best offers, games and online casinos. While you are using our website, there is no risk for you safety or money, and that’s why we are full parties to a responsible game.

The addiction of gambling games coming so fast, that can lead to devastating outcomes. That’s why we want to warm our members and make sure that they aware of consequences.

Addiction to online games can be compared to:

  • Spending more than you can afford
  • Worrying about the losses
  • Your condition or personal relationship suffered
  • Not sharing your gaming habits with anyone
  • Difficult to control the amount of bet


If you notice these habits in yourself and feel unhealthy for that, you are not alone.


Our recommendation for healthy gambling


Limit the budget of bets – Before spending on playing casino, first of all the money of rent, food and daily expense must be take a precedence. These type of budget ranges can be differs from person to person and must be individual. The good idea for online casino players, should be planning the much they can afford to lose without causing financial difficulties in a weekly or monthly.

Self-exclude – What does it mean ? The players who can not control their addiction and own financial situation, they have the right to ask casino companies to stop the participating in this type of games and spending money for a period of at least six months.

Blocking Tech – One more healthy option for gamblers, it’s to use the software GAMBAN, which is available on major devices. You can learn more about this soft by using search engines.

Honesty – It’s very important step, to admit and accept the addiction. This will help you to tackle the problem head on and utilize the help that is available from organizations and your personal support network – friends and family can be good at keeping a check on your financial outgoings.